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Newsie Reporters cover news events or happenings in their hometown or local area. It's easy to get started and reaches people all over the world. You can Broadcast your news story live from anywhere, anytime. Newsie has a simple program which requires no download and can be used by a simple click of a button.

Newsie user generated content can be streamed live from the field or Newsie Reporters can file news stories, photos and videos from anywhere, at anytime.

Once a Newsie Reporter streams their content live, or uploads, photos, videos or stories the story is posted on Newsie's home page by location instantly. The news report is also posted to the Newsie Reporters page.

To post a Video Response to a Displayed News Article, you must be registered. Comments can be shared with all Newsie users. It's completely free. Existing members simply login. New users will need to create a free account. It's simple and easy to register. Start posting video comments today. Commenter's can place this icon alongside their video commentary posting if they elect to receive Live Video Calls with viewers about their comments on the news article. It's Free to use, but you Check the box to enable the icon Posting to appear for each Video Commentary Posting. Any viewer can instantly connect to the Video Commentator for a free Live Video Conference if this icon is displayed alongside the video.

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