Create a Quick Newsie

Use the form below to create a short Newsie. Point your mouse over the icon for help information. These Newsies are saved temporarily on our server for 48 hours or until they are retrieved by the creator. A special PIN is given to each created Newsie, which you will need to retrieve your Newsie from temporary storage. If you enter your email below, the PIN will be emailed to you. You can retrieve your Newsie anytime within the 48 hour period and you can edit, add images or videos and publish the Newsie to your member account.

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Optional Newsie Elements

Click on the camera icon to record a video clip. You can record up to 30 seconds. Flash is required to do the recording. You can upload a video from the field from your smart phone, tablet or pc.

To upload an existing file, use the file browser below to locate the video file that you wish to upload.

Click the camera to record your video.

Click the "Capture" button below to capture an image from your camera or choose an image to upload. Give your image a Unique Image Name. Images automatically appear at the beginning of the Newsie, but you can embed them within your Newsie by using a special <img> tag in your Newsie where ever you wish your image to appear. Here is an example:
<img src="@@Unique Image Name"> Notice the two @ signs infront of your Unique Image Name.
For detailed instructions on how to add images to your Newsie, click here

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