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Newsie is local news with a social twist. We present the local action and information generated by our local Newsie Reporters.

As a Newsie Reporter, you can keep people in your local area up to date on current events. This is your chance to report on the many interesting people and places that never make the news. Newsie Reporters also help give a local view of events that are happening now.

Newsie then takes all this collaborative information and generates trending thoughts and opinions on your local area, region, state, country, and even globally.

A Newsie is a news article created by a Newsie Reporter.

Newsie is where you can find out what is happening in your local community from the local school to city hall, but you are not just a spectator at Newsie, you can voice your opinion, create your own news on events, and join groups with the same interests as you.

Newsie isn't just a news aggregate, we work hard to turn all the opinions and news happening in your area into useful information. At Newsie, you can not only find out what is happening in your area, and around the world, but you can gain insight on the thoughts and opinions of others. Find out what is trending and what are the majority and minority thoughts on a subject. You can participate in the conversation as a Newsie member.

The Best part about Newsie - it's all Free to use.

Join Newsie today and become one of our Collaborative Journalists. Become a force for change in your area and make a difference today.

It's Fast, Easy and Free to become a Newsie Reporter. Newsie Reporters can report from anywhere and anytime. To find out more on How to Become a Newsie Reporter, Click Here.

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