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Newsie is where you can share your news stories with Millions of People around the globe using our Free Newsie Network & Tools.

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How Newsie Works. Tutorials & Explanations on ease of use and specific instructions on How to Use.

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Collaborative Journalism

What It Is

The General Public is now playing an active news reporting role by assisting professional journalists in collecting, analyzing and disseminating news in many news areas such as Entertainment, Business, Social Networking, Technology and Sports, etc., with specialized coverage on 100's of related subjects.

Newsie Reporters are content contributors who provide their authored articles and/or videos/photos which they can publish independently in Newsie or they can collaborate with major news media sources. Newsie Reporters can also comment on any News Article. It's Free to become a Newsie Reporter, so Register Now! Click Here.

While some in the established news media claim that Collaborative Journalism is amateurish and lacks in quality and coverage, our viewers contend that collaborative news gathering and reporting overcomes biases and factual errors which are sometimes a part of journalism. When our media technology is placed in the hands of responsible users, there is overwhelming public support for "Newsie Reporters." Newsie technology comes with Viewer Controls which our audience of readers and viewers can exercise by Collective Rating.

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Newsie Reporters can instantly netcast live video from any location using their internet enabled smart phone. The live video is sent directly to the Newsie Reporters Newsie Page where everyone can see the Live Video NewsCast. Followers are simultaneously alerted to the live video news. Newsie Reporters are also able to write and remotely send their text article story, photos and video for everyone to see. The Live NewsCast is also shown on NetVision TV, where Millions of Followers can see the Breaking News and it's also netcasted on the Newsie site.

Newsie is Live News that is instantly distributed to our Network of followers by Live Video, photos and/or Text. Our Network of Video Commenters, Newsie Reporters and Followers can Interact by Live Video Conferencing using our Live Video Connector.

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Report Locally

Local Newsie Reporters tell readers about events that are happening in their local. These articles are read by people who want information about something that has happened locally. Local news helps the community read about things that will impact them.

Locals are also interested in human interested in human interest stories affecting them. Anything that will connect them to happenings going on. They want details quickly so reports have to be easy to read and have a snappy presentation style.

Report Globally

With new media technology, such as Newsie's live broadcasting ability, social networking and media-sharing websites, including the increase of smart phones and tablets, Newsie Reporters are more accessible to people worldwide. Newsie Reporters often report breaking news before traditional media reporters.

With the use of Newsie's live broadcasting, Newsie Reporters can instantly broadcast anywhere in the world at anytime as breaking news happens in live video. To get started, Click Here.

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